Youth Education and Career Programs

Our mix of Youth Education and Career Programs offer something for every student, and encourage the inclusion of their family and support system. Family Service’s youth programming develops key relationships and demonstrates to our students how many opportunities are available for them in San Antonio and beyond.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center

A free, safe exploratory learning space to learn more about technology-centered passions and develop new mentoring relationships.

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Yearlong Mentoring Program

Clubhouse to College/Career (C2C) Pathways Program prepares students for their next steps in life, whether that be a career or college.

The year-long mentoring program introduces students to academic and career opportunities as well decision making, problem-solving and life strategy skills.

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Paid Summer Internships

Paid part-time summer internships available throughout San Antonio with mentoring for life strategy skills to build career goals.

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Youth-Led Afterschool Program

YAGA is an out-of-school time program across high schools, led by students. YAGA focuses on developing life skills, leadership abilities and honing each student’s voice.

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Transition from Different Grade Levels

Moving from one grade level to another, especially fifth grade to middle school and eighth grade to high school, is a large transition which impacts the entire family.

Our transition camps help everyone in the family adjust to the changes.

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Support System

Our youth activities and programs are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and relationship based.

We know successful people are not an island; they have a support system in place. Our mentors, team members, fellow youths, parents and teachers can be part of that support system.

We focus on the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Framework. The framework outlines 40 developmental assets that need to be addressed in children’s and teens’ lives to set them up for success. The assets are divided between internal and external assets such as values, social-emotional learning, and educational opportunities. Research on the Developmental Assets shows “youth who have higher levels of Development Assets are much less likely to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors”. By developing our program around these core necessities of life, our students are successful inside and outside of school.

In Texas, 11 students per hour drop out of school. Out of school time programs are proven to encourage better attendance and graduation rates.

Family Service’s youth programs have a 90% promotion and graduation rate.

All of Family Service’s youth programs are STEAM-focused learning partnered with the development of soft skills. Soft skills, such as time management, public speaking and leadership, are incorporated many times through the students themselves. There is a set curriculum for most of our Youth Education and Career Programs, but it allows for the students to uncover where their passions lie and gives them a chance to steer the conversations. The programs are offered at varying times throughout the year and align with each student’s individual goals.

The programs build on a foundation of technology, innovation, and creation to transition youth from consumers of technology into tomorrow’s innovators.


Our kids do not develop in a vacuum and are impacted by the relationships they build, the opportunities they take, the friendships they create, and the passions they follow.

Our programs not only help the youth but provide opportunities for the entire family. We connect our clients to other Family Service programs and community partner programs which make sense for their specific individual and family needs.

Help shape the leaders of tomorrow, become a mentor in one of our youth programs.


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