Career Pathways Program

Year-Long Mentoring Program

Get ready for your next step in life! The Career Pathways Program provides selected youth with project-based learning opportunities, workforce readiness skill development, career guidance and advice as a participant and beyond, and real-world work experience through an engaging summer internship.

The 2023-2024 application is now open.
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93% of participants felt they had improved in their comfort working in professional settings

100% of participants they had improved communication skills

100% of participants felt they had improved their knowledge of different career paths

*statistics from the 2019-2020 cohort


Career Pathways is a year-long program and matches students with a paid summer internship opportunity in San Antonio.

Participants meet twice a week for one hour after school at Family Service Neighborhood Place for engaging sessions, mentoring one-on-one meetings, and fun projects!

Industry-leading mentors from a wide-range of organizations throughout San Antonio lead workshops centered on technological and soft skills in the workforce. Career Pathways helps students develop necessary skills to play an active role in planning their future. The lessons range from technology-focused skills, such as learning to create a logo, to more soft skills, such as time management. Past Career Pathways sessions have included financial literacy and counseling, resume writing, social media for business and personal use, how to dress for your job, different career paths, and behind the scenes of different careers.

Career Pathways introduces participants to different academic and career opportunities, helping uncover passions and skillsets while strengthening their knowledge base.

The program guarantees each participant a spot in our paid summer internship program. Through the summer intern program, Career Pathways participants are exposed to real working environments and gain even more hands-on experience.

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Students must be 16 to 19 years old and available for a year-long commitment.

Requirements to apply:

  • 16 to 19 years old
  • Available for a year-long commitment: The program runs October through May plus summer internship June through July.
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Location and Time

Career Pathways takes place in-person, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, at Family Service Neighborhood Place Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

The program starts in October and sessions end in May for students to start their summer internship in June which is completed at the beginning of August.

Career Pathways meets every Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


Making a Difference

The biggest lesson I learned from Career Pathways and my summer internship was to be consistent and dedicated to your passion to make something greater out of it. I feel more confident about my passion, drawing and design.

Sebastian B.

C2C listens to your goals as a growing professional and teenager into adulthood. They teach you the basic technological skills and grow on the skills that pertain to your interests. [With C2C you have a] wide list of organizations in your back pocket to discover mentors and peers. It’s a head start to your professional resume and skills/training.

Sophia Delgado

I have gained a lot of soft and professional skills from C2C as well as a strong support group I can rely on. This internship has helped me develop skills to create relationships and trust with future clients as a social worker.

Angela Lopez


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How do I apply?

Interested applicants should start by completing the online application.
You will need a resume to apply, and the application takes about 20 minutes to complete. We will call you within two weeks of receiving your application to arrange an interview time.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact  Priscilla Salinas at 210-517-9173 or

Where does Career Pathways take place?

C2C takes place virtually and at Family Service Neighborhood Place. The group meets in person Tuesday and Wednesday at Family Service Neighborhood Place. The summer internship may be virtual or in-person.

Do I have to do the summer internship?

All C2C participants complete a summer internship with Family Service. The paid experience helps participants take everything they learned in the program into the real world!

How do I become involved as a mentor to the participating students in Career Pathways?

Thank you for your interest! We look for varied organizations and individuals to speak with our participants and help teach workshops. Please complete this form to get started.


 for more information on the Career Pathways Program contact Priscilla Salinas at 210-517-9173 or

Are you a student interested in the Career Pathways program?

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