Older/Disabled Adults

In-Home Care and Respite Services

We know most people want to age with dignity and respect and to remain comfortable in their own home. We can help you or your loved ones do so. We provide both in-home personal care and respite care services to allow individuals to continue to live independently in their own homes.

Trained caregivers offer basic-need services and provide physical and mental health support for their clients. When health issues prevent older adults from performing simple tasks, impair their mobility, or put their safety and well-being at risk, their options may be limited. This is where our Family Service Older Adults Program steps in to lend a gentle hand.

Being able to live in the comfort of your own home can help a person live a longer, healthier, better quality life.

Older adults often leave their homes less frequently which can cause social isolation and alienation, leading to depression, cognitive decline, and other health challenges.

17% of adults in the United States provide care for another adult. Respite services offer the opportunity for caregivers to take care of themselves.

In-Home Care

Basic needs include bathing, grooming, home management, running errands, and prepping meals.

While these things may seem simple, they can become more difficult as one gets older.

As these tasks become harder to complete, clients begin to do less both in and outside of their homes. The Independent Older Adults Program assists clients with their basic needs to help them live in the comfort of their own homes with dignity and support.

In-home care and respite services are offered by trained providers. They get to know each of their clients and their individual needs to ensure they are comfortable in their own homes. To schedule your first appointment, call 210 299-2727.

We help older adults or those over 18 years of age with a disability remain independent in their own homes with the assistance of supportive services.

In-home personal care services include:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Light pet care
  • Assistance with the daily activities associated with living at home, such as bathing, dressing and grooming, washing, and combing hair.

Respite Care

Many caregivers need respite services to provide them time to take care of their own needs while an aging family member or a loved one in need of assistance is being cared for.

Respite services offer caregivers the opportunity to go to work, complete their daily activities, run errands, and enjoy social activities with ease of mind. Respite care also offers our clients another friend outside of their family and caregiver.

Family Service respite services are offered for caregivers of older adults or individuals over 18 years of age with a disability. The caregiver helps determine the weekly schedule based on their individual personal needs.

Respite services include:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Running errands (such as shopping, going to the library, grocery shopping, and picking my pharmacy needs)
  • Pet care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Companionship (such as playing cards, dominoes, reading, and talking)
Respite care offers caregivers the peace of mind their loved ones are cared for in their absence. To schedule your first appointment, call 210-299-2727.

How We Get Started

1. We Listen To Your Needs

We start with a call for a chat about your or your family’s needs.

2. Face-to-face,
In-Home Visit

After the initial phone call, we meet in-person at your home. We develop an individualized care plan to meet your specific needs.

3. Services Start

Our trained caregivers arrive on the arranged days and times and follow your care plan.

4. Programs and Resources

Family Service gets to know each of our clients, and we offer services and referrals outside of our in-home care services to ensure you are taken care of in every aspect of your life.

Eligibility and Cost

Family Service in-home care services are for older adults aged 55 and older and those with disabilities aged 18 years and over.

Respite services are offered for their caregivers. Services are provided in-home and on a sliding scale fee. We do ask for a minimum of two hours weekly for in-home personal care and respite services.

In-home services are offered in various counties throughout San Antonio. Services are provided on a sliding scale fee based on income and adjust to meet the individualized needs of each client. After your initial assessment, we create a payment structure.

Locations and Times

In-home care and respite services are provided throughout San Antonio and Bexar County. Service providers are available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily by appointment.


Find the answers to your questions here

How much do in-home services cost?

Services are offered on a sliding fee scale that is based on the client’s ability to pay. A complete evaluation and assessment are conducted on the first home visit, with on-going supervision at least every 90 days. Follow up visits are scheduled to monitor client needs and to ensure continued appropriateness of services.

Who is eligible for services?

Older adults aged 55 and over and individuals with disabilities aged 18 and over are eligible for in-home care services. Those who are caregivers for these individuals are also eligible for respite care services.

How many hours of in-home care services can I receive per week?

An individual care plan is created to help with your in-home care or respite needs. We do ask for a minimum of two hours of services per week.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in services, please call us at 210-299-2727 or complete our intake form.

There is an initial in-take call where we assess your situation and your needs. We then conduct an in-home review to ensure we are a good fit for you. During the first in-home visit, we create an individualized care plan for you. From there, services begin based on your individual care plan.

Are services still being offered during COVID, and what precautions are being taken by your team?

Family Service in-home care and respite services have continued. Many of these individuals need assistance now more than ever to ensure their basic needs are being met. Before each visit, our team members call ahead to ask our clients a series of questions to ensure they are still feeling well. Our team members take their temperature before starting each day and every four hours throughout the day. They also wear a mask and gloves for their entire visit. These items are changed between each home visit. The safety of our team and our clients is of the utmost importance to us.

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