Family Strengthening

Strengthen your family bond

Spending quality time together as a family is getting harder and harder. Between work, homework, household chores, sports commitments, and general life commitments, it can sometimes be hard to build that connection and bond.

Family Service Family Strengthening programs empower parents in their skills and leadership within the family helping them be more involved in their child’s education and build a social support network.

Improved school experience: “students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school.”

Improved feelings: Students with stronger “interpersonal relationships and management of negative emotions, have a lower risk of feeling depressed, inadequate, and insecure.”

Improved social skills: Children with involved parents in their education have improved social skills


Family Service hosts various afterschool programming aimed at strengthening the family bond.

By offering a dedicated time and space for families to spend together, as well as relationship and communication tools, generations of families leave the sessions with a stronger bond.

The programs brings parents, children, teachers, and schools together to enhance family functioning and communication. By hosting the programs within schools, parents and families are able to get to know other families attending the school and be engaged within their child’s learning environment. Increasing parental involvement in schools increases school attendance and academic success.

Family Strengthening programs support parents and children in stress-reduction techniques building self-esteem in children and developing resiliency to fend off social influences.

Our Family Strengthening programs:

  • Support and enhance family functioning
  • Increase parental engagement
  • Engage parent’s in their child’s learning
  • Empower parents
  • Build multi-generational connections
  • Increase family cohesion and adaptability for change
  • Promote the child’s success in school
  • Reduce stress and isolation experienced by parents and children
  • Promote parent leadership

Healthy Families

Families engaging in healthy, consistent, and structured activities enhance their family functioning.

Our Family Strengthening programs not only help connect individual family units, they also provide an opportunity to build relationships with other families. Parents build a network of trust and shared values with other parents, increasing their involvement with their child’s school and with their overall community.

Family Service currently offers four Family Strengthening curricula across San Antonio school districts.

  • Families and Schools Together (FAST): For families with children 3 to 6 years
  • Raising Highly Capable Kids: For families with children in elementary school
  • Read and Rise: For families with children 0 to 6 years
  • Strengthening Families: For families with children in middle and high school
Services are offered at specific schools, and children must be attending one of those participating schools for them and their families to enroll.


Family Strengthening programs are free for all children and their family members. Call us 210-431-7527 to learn more.


Locations of our Family Strengthening programs vary by specific curriculum.


Find the answers to your questions here

Does my child need to be a certain age to attend?

Family Strengthening programs are available to all children and their families at participating elementary, middle, and high schools. If you have a child attending one of our partner schools, we encourage the entire family to attend the sessions together, including older and younger siblings and grandparents.

What is the cost of attending Family Strengthening programs?

Anyone can refer a child for treatment. Contact us at 210-299-2400.

My child is having behavioral issues or difficulty in school, and I’m not sure what to do.

We are here to help. Call us at 210-431-7527 to connect with one of our team members. Our Family Strengthening programs partner with our Early Childhood Well-Being and counseling departments to provide support for the child and the entire family.

Can Family Strengthening provide other supports for my children in school?

Family Strengthening programs are linked to other Family Service programs such as reading tutoring for literacy support, youth programs offering a range of opportunities for different ages, transitions camps to help students engage year after year in school, and our Best Buy Teen Tech Center for STEAM fun.


Call us 210-431-7527