Who we are

We’re empowering individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen our communities.

Life is a journey, and we’re there every step of the way to accompany you with guidance and compassion without judgment.

We are the single mom juggling work and kids, we are the senior transitioning to a new phase in life, we are the toddler learning to read, we are the dad working towards buying his first home, we are the child experiencing family violence, we are the teenager uncovering a passion for graphic design … we are the person striving to transform their life.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their community.

We work to address the social determinants of health through a trauma-informed care lens.

Family Service has been a pillar of support in the community since 1903. With various services in 14 counties throughout South Texas, our programs have grown to meet the changing needs of our community and address the gaps in services that emerge.

Our Programs

Transformational services lay the groundwork for a healthy community.

To enact true transformation for our clients, Family Service focuses on wraparound services impacting every stage of life from prenatal to seniors with a focus on intergenerational changes.

Our over 20 program offerings are broken into five categories around the social determinants of health.

We focus on: economic stability, education, health and healthcare, neighborhood support, and social and community engagement all through a trauma-informed care lens.

Economic Stability

Helping our families reach their financial goals and career dreams through education, aid, and job training.


Support in every stage of education, from early childhood development to higher education and beyond.

Health and Healthcare

Professional mental well-being services offered for every age, from children to adults, to help navigate life.

Neighborhood Support

Residents and partners work together to have accessible and viable resources in their neighborhoods.

Social and Community Engagement

Providing all parts of the community, with opportunities to positively engage and create resilient communities.

Our Values

Family Service - Who We Are

“Family Service made sure I didn’t fall through the cracks in life like I had always done before. I thought it would happen again, but they didn’t stop. They didn’t let me.”

Key Facts

An overview of Family Service

Created in 1903: the oldest human service nonprofit in San Antonio
501©3 tax exempt non-profit organization
Addresses the social determinants of health through a trauma-informed care lens
Services are a mixture of free and a sliding scale fee
Various office locations including community and home settings