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San Antonio-based nonprofit Family Service is among the organizations actively helping families impacted by the mass-casualty event.

“Our hearts just sank to hear that yet another mass shooting in a school, in an elementary school, in a very close-knit, family-oriented community,” said Mary Garr, Family Service president and CEO.

Family Service is providing a host of counseling services to a community the organization’s been established in since 2000.

Immediate and long-term counseling is being offered by additional teams of licensed counselors deployed to Uvalde.

Talking to children about the events of May 24, 2022 will take time, and how to go about discussing the tragedy varies from child to child.

“For children, youth, teens, adults, just having conversations, making sure your child feels safe and secure in their home and outside and feel safe to be able to go back to school,” Garr said.

A community in crisis is now beginning that long journey of healing. Help is out there for the long haul.