1,610Number of children the Early Childhood program has enhanced physical and emotional well-being and established an environment to develop strong cognitive skills.
214,457Total amount of hours volunteers served in agency-wide programs.
90%Percentage of clients satisfied with agency’s counselors and services provided, including individual.
324Number of clients Financial Empowerment Center assisted to help reduce total debt by 10%.

Education95% of youth participating in Youth Education services graduate from HS in districts with very low graduation rates.
Counseling & SeniorThrough mental health counseling, marriage strengthening, prevention child abuse/neglect services, child custody resources, and personalized care that keeps seniors safely in their homes, nearly 10,000 individuals were supported through the challenges of life transitions in 2015 alone.
Job Training & Financial StabilityOver 7,600 clients have reduced $9.2 million of debt and increased savings by $1 million since 2013.
Parent & Community InvolvementRoughly, 20% of the parents who participate/volunteer in parent engagement and family strengthening services find employment, go back to school and work to improve their family conditions.


As a volunteer, working with Family Service is fulfilling because of the generous services Family Service provides to the community. The compassion, knowledge and professionalism of the staff in regards to how they interact with the communities they served, I feel, is above and beyond. They are and amazing things! Thank you for this opportunity to serve my community!



I really enjoyed my internship experience at Family Service. The clinicians really made me feel like I was a part of their department and they also worked very hard to ensure that I understood the policies, interventions, and documentation that was a part of the work. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from this team and have the ability to complete the requirements for my Masters in Social Work.



Family Service helped me build my self- esteem,and that helped me apply for a job that I felt that I would never obtain. When I got the job I was so excited and grateful for your support, because Family Service gave me the extra lift that I needed to make that change. I also felt that I was connecting a lot more with my family. Thank you Family Service!


My family goes to the Neighborhood Place a lot and we do lots of fun stuff there like family events. The Neighborhood Place is a really nice place for my family to go together. It really makes a difference in the community.



I donate to Family Service because they're fiscally responsible and I know they care about the clients and our community. I love the holiday and year round Adopt-A-Family program and appreciate that they're so invested in the community that they have so many different ways you can donate and give back!



I love working at Family Service! Our team is dedicated to supporting our community and I think it truly shows.  We display customer service and commitment in all of our actions, with a dedication to excellence, accountability, respect, responsiveness, and integrity. I am so happy I have the opportunity to serve the community!