Application For Employment

To apply, complete the online application.  Submit your resume to In your email, state the job title and requisition number you are applying for.

Teacher Assistant - Floater2019-0039Fernandez and Knowlton 6845 Ridgebrook San Antonio, TX 78250Full Time/ Non-Exempt / 10 months per year
Classroom Support Substitute2019-0038 A-BVarious locationsFull-Time/ Non-Exempt/10 month
Early Childhood Clinician II2019-0037702 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78212Part Time/ Non exempt/ 12 months
Early Childhood Clinician II2019-0036702 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78212Full Time/ Exempt/ 12 months
Teacher I2019-0035Brauchle 8555 Bowens Crossing San Antonio, TX 78250Full-Time/ Exempt/ 10 months per year
EHSCCP Teacher2019-0034Haven For Hope: 600 Leal San Antonio, TX. 78207Full-Time/ Non-Exempt
Early Childhood Wellbeing Clinician I/ Disability Specialist2019-0032702 San Pedro San Antonio, TX 78212Full-Time/ Non-Exempt
Teacher, Early Head Start Child Care Partnership2019-0033 A-BGrowing Tree – 6632 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, TX 78253Full-Time/ 12 months per year
Parent Advocate-Floater2019-0031Various LocationsFull-Time/ Non-Exempt/ 10 months per year
Teacher Assistant Floater2019-0030Allen Head Start 1227 Brady Blvd San Antonio, TX 78207Full Time/ Non-Exempt / 10 months per year
Personal Care Assistant I2018-0045The Main Office: 702 San Pedro Ave. San Antonio, TX. 78212Full-Time/ Non-Exempt
Director, Neighborhood Place2019-0025The Neighborhood Place: 3014 Rivas Street , San Antonio, TX 78228Full Time/Exempt / 12 months per year
Visitation Monitor II2019-0018/2019-0019A-ENortheast Office: 4245 Center Gate, San Antonio, Texas 782171 Full-Time / 5 Part-Time:
Monday – Friday, 8-5, 40 hours per week / Wednesday – Friday schedule varies, minimum of 2 weekends /month, up to 29 hours/week (part time) & up to 40 hours/week (full time)
CENTER SUPPORT STAFF2019-000Brauchle Head Start: 8555 Bowens Crossing, San Antonio, TX 78250Full-Time/Non-Exempt/ 12 months per year
Center Support Staff Haven for Hope-Growing Tree2019-0006 a-b(A)Haven for Hope: 600 Leal San Antonio, TX. 78207
(B) Growing Tree: 6632 Bandera Rd San Antonio, TX 78238
Full-Time/Non-Exempt/ 12 months per year