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THE NEIGHBORHOOD PLACE is a community hub that brings services and resources together to empower families on the economically-challenged Westside of San Antonio. This invaluable resource is hosted and operated by Family Service. The Neighborhood Place serves over 70,000 individuals and families annually with services that:

  • Provide parenting skills for stronger, healthier relationships with children.
  • Decrease family stress and violence while preventing child abuse–97% of parents utilizing Parenting Education classes DO NOT re-enter child protective system.
  • Reduce debt, increase savings & improve credit scores with the assists provided at the Financial Empowerment Center.
  • Empower youth to find pathways to college & career success with the support of Youth Against Gang Activity (YAGA).
  • Youth Against Gang Activity (Y.A.G.A.) – approximately 97% graduate high school.
  • Provide emergency clothes, diapers, resources for housing & utilities at Margaret’s Place.
  • Community residents learn English & complete GED classes, and participate in Resident Leadership Classes to improve job prospects & earning potential.
  • Provide behavioral & mental health counseling.

The Neighborhood Place serves the entire community, and targets three surrounding zip codes, 78228, 78237, 78207, where:

  • 29% live below the poverty line.
  • $15,597 average per capita income.
  • 30% did not complete high school.
  • 8% are unemployed compared to 4% citywide.
  • 20% of confirmed child abuse victims in Bexar County live in these zip codes.

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