Family Service brings over 115 years of social service experience, assisting families with basic needs as one of the immediate priorities. Family Service is able to provide resource and referral as well as case management assistance to families in need when they most need it. Even though our organization does not provide monetary assistance, we are able to link families with other services, both within the agency and with other organizations in the community. Latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate the population of families living at poverty level in the San Antonio metropolitan area is about 16% compared to near 11.7% country wide. These families find themselves facing unemployment, hunger, not having a medical home or medical insurance, and or loss of their homes. Children who come from broken homes are at a greater risk of dropping out of school.

Through Margaret’s Place and Case Management, individuals and families are immediately positively empowered to transform their lives through support and guidance. Many individuals that have come in for assistance have expressed a sense of relief as soon as they come in to our agency. They come in not knowing who we are and how we can help and leave with a sense of hope. Individuals and families are connected to resources within Family Service based on the family’s needs as well as referred to other organizations that can rightly assist the family. There were 633,782 homeless people reported in the United States on a single night. Of these 38% were homeless with their families. Texas is one of the top 5 states and accounts for more than half of the U.S. homeless population at 5.4 percent (Point in Time 2012).

Through the Family Strengthening program, Family Service provides support, encouragement, guidance, and leadership to children and families to improve their future. Without programs such as, Case Management or Margaret’s Place children are at a higher risk of school failure, to be victim of child abuse, and to grow up in homes with increase stress if their basic needs aren’t being met.

Family Service has made an effort to assist families that may find themselves with no place to turn to and no one to help. Through the Family Strengthening program, families in need can receive assistance to help them with basic needs such as, shelter, food, clothing, and any other immediate need through Case Management and Margaret’s Place. Through the light case management services, assistance can be a one-time visit to multiple visits throughout the year for toiletries from Margaret’s Place or referrals to other programs within the agency as well as outside organizations.

For more information on the services offered, please see our home page or call us at (210) 299-2400.

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