helping children cope with divorce


March 5th, 2017 | admin

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HELPING CHILDREN COPE WITH DIVORCE is a four-hour seminar with how-to advice and practical guidance aimed at parents who are considering or experiencing divorce to help them lessen the impact of divorce on their children.

Helping Children Cope With Divorce seminars help teach parents:

  • Different ways families experience divorce.
  • Typical reactions to divorce by both parents and children.
  • Different needs and concerns children of infants, toddlers, elementary, middle and high school children.
  • Tips to help your children cope with their emotions.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Identify community resources available to you and your children.

The seminar only lasts 4 hours, but it is four hours that will make a positive difference for many years to come.

To enroll in a seminar and pay online, click here.

For more information email Martha Roberts and/or call 210-299-2476.

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