Family Strengthening brings parents, children, teachers and schools together to support healthy family functioning and communication, support parents and children in stress-reduction techniques and increase parental participation in the schools. Family Strengthening aims to build self-esteem in children and helps them develop resilience to negative social influences through family-focused curriculum—Read And Rise, and Families and Schools Together.

Family Service unites schools, homes, and communities through Read and Rise, a comprehensive literacy program with the goal of developing reading skills in young children. Read and Rise emphasizes the importance of parental and family involvement, family culture, traditions, language, and strengths through targeted family-focused literacy activities, this includes six week sessions of activities that provide a child with one book per week, as well as a parent guide to engage their children on what they’ve read. If you’re interested in bringing Read and Rise to your school, check out the Scholastic Read and Rise Brochure.

Since 1993, Families and Schools Together (FAST) has strengthened families in San Antonio. Today, FAST serves three elementary schools and three Head Start centers in Bexar County. In a collaborative effort among schools, families and Family Service Association, FAST focuses on children at risk for school failure, juvenile delinquency and substance abuse in adolescence. This year, over 800 children, parents and their families will benefit from these FAST services:

  • Eight-week family strengthening program
  • Two-year Phase II support group with monthly activities for the families
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Case management assessment and referral
  • Information and presentations on literacy, substance use prevention and other topics
  • Assessments and intervention counseling
  • Strengthening Families
For more information about Family Strengthening, please email Laura Mata-Delgado, Manager, or call the office at 210.431.7580.

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