Promotoras — a pilot program to help end child abuse

Family Service Association is committed to helping reduce the number of child abuse cases in San Antonio. One way we’re doing that is through a unique pilot program called Promotoras. By Mary E. Garr – President/CEO, Family Service Association of

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Organization empowers families in crisis

In a city where teens struggle to earn a high school diploma, Family Service is reframing youths’ self-perception, awareness, and actualization through teen-led groups fostering positive peer networks and combating bullying, exploratory learning, and community transformation through service and civic

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VIDEO: Pearl Cervantez’s Story

Pearl Cervantez, a San Antonio resident, tells others how Family Service Association’s Financial Empowerment Center, has helped her overcome financial obstacles that prevented her from pursuing her dreams. She’s now able to plan ahead, thanks to the counselors who provided her with guidance and direction on her finances.s now breathing a lot easier knowing she can move forward, as she continues to provide for her family, and still pursue her dreams.

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