For 25 years Family Service Association has helped give thousands of families hope for the holidays through the Adopt-A-Family program.

The Adopt-A- Family program supports our mission because it allows clients to leverage precious financial resources towards retaining precious commodities.

25th Annual Adopt A Family – Providing Hope for the Holidays!

When you donate to Family Service Association’s Adopt-A-Family program, the funds are used to gain or regain qualified clients’ stability, psycho-social and physical well-being:

  • Rent and/or utility payments to avoid homelessness
  • Sheets, blankets and towels to make a house a home
  • Clothing and grooming items to maintain pride and confidence
  • Toiletries and cleaning supplies to maintain healthy lifestyles
  • Books, games and educational toys to nourish minds and enrich family life

Click here for the 2017 Adopt-A-Family Sponsor Registration Form

For more information on the services offered, please see our home page or call us at (210) 299-2400.

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