We’re At Your Service – the family you can always count on.

Seniors like Alice know what it means to lose family … and find family. Our At Your Service senior care lovingly assisted Alice’s mom, Margaret, for more than 20 years.

We kept Margaret’s home clean, picked up her prescriptions, helped with bathing and faithfully served as her caregivers until the day she peacefully passed, and we were there. We said goodbye at her funeral because that’s what friends do.

Not long after Margaret’s death, Alice was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and she called us because she remembered we had treated her mother like family. Now, we are family to Alice, providing care-giving services two days a week. Along with her devoted German Shepherd, Oliver, she says we are the family she can always count on.

That’s who we are and this is just one of the many true, poignant stories that make At Your Service a remarkable way to connect with seniors, keep them safe, help them remain independent and treat them with respect, dignity and love. We consider it a privilege to serve.

And beyond the incomparable physical, emotional and social benefits of our service, consider this: Family Service can serve 11 seniors for the price of keeping one senior in a nursing home.

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