Donation Platform Research & Report

Donation Platform Research & Report
Submitted by: D. Quinn
August 3, 2018


During the past three days, I performed online retail purchases and online non-profit donations.

Learned: Online Retail Purchase

  1. If I did not login to the site, for example, Amazon or eBay, I could make a purchase as a guest using my credit card.  I then completed the purchase transaction by entering my credit card info as required.
  2. If I did login to the site, for example, Amazon or eBay, and I was not a first time buyer, I only needed to click to buy because my purchasing data was in the site databases.If I was a first time buyer and wanted to create an account, I was required to enter personal data and payment information.  Subsequent purchases only required me to login because I was a returning buyer and my data was stored.Even though my payment data was stored in my account, I could still use PayPal to purchase.  When I selected PayPal instead of paying with my credit card info which is stored in my account, I am asked to login to PayPal.

Learned: Online Non-Profit Donation

  1. I installed Charitable free version on the Family Service site, created a single campaign with a simple form, and installed the agency PayPal gateway.  I then made 2 donations from the site form.  I was asked to use "Donate with PayPal" or "Donate with a Debit or Credit Card."If I selected to use a credit card, I was required to complete all personal data fields: Credit card info, billing address, contact information, etc. Using my PalPal account, all my purchasing data was available in the PayPal database for subsequent purchases.
  2. Clarity Child Guidance Center:  I made 2 donations, one time donation and recurring donation.

    One time:  I was asked for Billing Information and Payment Information.  I received a Thank you email.Recurring:  I was asked for the same information.  At this point, my information must be stored to generate recurring donations.