Only one Texas based nonprofit chosen as part of National cohort

Change in Mind: Applying Neurosciences to Revitalize Communities

(San Antonio, TX) Family Service Association of San Antonio, Inc. has been chosen by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities to work toward infusing, aligning, and accelerating established neuroscience discoveries around the effects of life-altering toxic stress into their community-based work. This initiative will help determine if this groundbreaking science can transform policies and systems to move the needle on some of the most difficult social issues facing our communities.

“Family Service is very excited about our selection as an agency to participate in the international learning opportunities provided by this initiative. Our participation in this unique learning collaborative will enable our agency to improve our services for individuals and families through social, educational and mental health services that incorporate the amazing discoveries in brain science to improve client outcomes over their entire lifespan,” said Nancy L. Hard, president and CEO of Family Service. “We sincerely thank the Alliance for this opportunity to work together to support this ground breaking effort,” Hard added.

The primary purpose of Change in Mind: Applying Neurosciences to Revitalize Communities, a three-year initiative of the Alliance, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Norlien Foundation’s Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, is to demonstrate the larger impactful role of the nonprofit sector as educator, convener, advocate, and true influencer of getting appropriate systems aligned to the science. The initiative will identify, support, and evaluate the processes that the 15 organizations in the U.S. and Alberta, Canada will use to align the science with the goal of influencing systems to impact outcomes across the life course.

“The participation of Family Service in this exciting initiative shows that there is no more uniquely qualified sector than the nonprofit (non-governmental) to lead larger systems change, by aligning policy, regulatory, and fiscal areas into alignment with the brain science,” said Susan Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a national organization dedicated to achieving a vision of a healthy society and strong communities for all children, adults, and families. The Alliance works for transformational change by representing and supporting its network of hundreds of nonprofit human serving organizations across North America as they translate knowledge into best practices that improve their communities. Working with and through its member network on leadership and advocacy, the Alliance strives to achieve high impact by reducing the number of people living in poverty, increasing the number of people with opportunities to live healthy lives, and increasing the number of people with access to educational and employment success. Go to for more information.

Family Service Association has been building strong families since 1903. At 112 years, it is the oldest human service agency in San Antonio dedicated to helping children, seniors, and families in need. Visit to learn more about the organization and it’s more than a century of service to local and area families.

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